Who We Are?


Hospital Metropolitano opened its doors in February 2010 looking to providing a safe, high-quality, accessible and innovative private medical option for everyone.

Dr. Roberto Herrera and his brother Javier decided to undertake the task of providing the middle class of the country with a medical alternative that combined excellent service, impeccable quality, and an affordable price for all users. All of this combined with a convenient location and a strong desire to innovate in healthcare programs and promotion.

This initiative received support from a group of investors led by Novita Capital. In this way, market studies and planning were carried out between 2008 and 2009, aimed at finding the ideal hospital model that fully complied with the pillars of SAFETY, QUALITY, ACCESSIBILITY, and INNOVATION, which resulted in the start of operations of Hospital Metropolitano in February 2010.

Six months later, Grupo Montecristo assumed control of the center with a clear financial vision and a traditional sense of social responsibility. This incorporation added indispensable components to Hospital Metropolitano to become the most successful hospital in the country, including operational experience and financial strength. Thus, Grupo Montecristo is in charge of all administrative and financial management, which allows hospital members to focus exclusively on their operation.

Dr. Andrés Wiernik 

Since then, the Metropolitan Hospital has stood out for its constant growth and for fulfilling its promise of accessibility to high-quality private medicine in different parts of the country. Currently, the hospital operates six locations:

  • San José
  • Lindora, Santa Ana
  • Marina Pez Vela, Quepos
  • Huacas, Santa Cruz (Guanacaste)
  • Plaza Lincoln, Moravia
  • Liberia
  • Plaza del Sol, San José

It has five specialty centers:

  • Cancer and Hematology Center
  • Herrera Amighetti Clinic
  • Cardiovascular Excellence Center
  • Rheumatology Center
  • MRI - Metropolitano Research Institute.

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Sanford Agreement

The Hospital Metropolitano has signed a cooperation agreement with Sanford Health, a leading healthcare provider and one of the largest hospital institutions in the United States.

This agreement will allow us, among other things, to conduct clinical research, patient case discussions, and gain access to state-of-the-art treatments and diagnostic exams.