Healthcare ecosystem

As the largest private healthcare group in the country, we are able to offer our patients more specialties, procedures, and medical services, all at a highly competitive and affordable cost.

The intelligent medical plan of Hospital Metropolitano, which offers monthly, semi-annual, or annual affiliations, allows you to obtain unlimited appointments with specialists in various medical fields while saving up to 80% of your money. See more information.
With over 50 years of service to Costa Rica and professionals in microbiology, it has more than 17 branches throughout the country, more than 800 tests to take care of your health, and the convenience of consulting your results online. See more information.
At the Center for Distance Radiological Reporting, you can find a storage service with high-tech medical imaging for clinics and patients. In addition, it has radiology specialists who provide updated and high-quality radiological reports to individuals. See more information.
Surgical and molecular pathology laboratory, made up of a group of prominent specialized pathologists. Located in San José. See more information.
Assisted Air and Ground Support, with over 10 years of experience in the area of medical emergencies and aeromedical evacuations. It has highly trained crews in the air transport of critical patients and additional ground personnel trained to provide the necessary assistance. See more information.
Provides comprehensive well-being and health through high-quality pharmaceutical products at a fair price, with strict quality standards and extended hours. In addition, it offers differentiated prices on all of its products for customers affiliated with the MediSmart Plan. See more information.
We create smiles by offering personalized solutions for each patient in more than 15 branches throughout the country. Our professionals are trained in the latest dental and technological trends, which allows us to offer a high degree of excellence in the results of all our treatments. See more information.
At Dr. Max, we strive to provide the best service for you to take care of your eyes and your wallet. We have more than 10 branches for your convenience, the benefit of discounts for MediSmart clients, a free vision exam, and the best professionals in charge of providing you with the ideal products for your optical needs. See more information.
The Clinical Nutrition Center has more than 12 years of experience and a team of nutrition professionals who provide their patients with a responsible clinical approach to promote healthy eating through education and adaptation of a dietary plan to each lifestyle. See more information.
At Hospital Metropolitano, we work to offer patients with medical expense insurance policies agreements with more than 10 national and more than 25 international insurance companies. This is to guarantee great benefits to users every time they need to use our services. See more information.
We provide comprehensive, timely, and warm pediatric care to our patients with more than 24 services and highly qualified professionals who will help the patient and their family have the best service at each visit. See more information.